In celebration of Older Americans Month, we are recognizing the contributions made by older adults in our communities. We are sharing the nominations submitted for the LifeStream Golden Hoosier Award, which recognizes outstanding volunteerism by older adults. Stay tuned for an announcement on the winners of this award in the coming weeks.

Andre Streaty

Andre grew up in a time when being black meant not being able to go to restaurants, it was required that blacks sit in the back of classrooms at school, and movie theatres, all because of the color of his skin. However, that has never hindered Andre from serving and giving back to others.  Andre has been a volunteer at St. Vincent Anderson for 20+ years and has over 7,000 hours.  He has served in many different aspects over this time. When asked why he volunteered his answer was quick! He had worked in the lab in his much younger years. Andre was born and raised in Anderson, Indiana, but went to live in California for 40+ years.  So, it seemed natural that he would go back and volunteer in a place where he was familiar with.

His happy go lucky attitude and warm smile brought him out of the Lab to the information desk as a greeter in the main lobby. He always makes patients, families, and visitors feel welcome in the facility. Sometimes in a stressful situation, a person needs someone who just listens, and Andre has been that too! There are times when people do something in such an extraordinary way that it touches people. Andre is just one of those people! He would say that what he does isn’t that special, but in his way of doing things, he puts people at ease. From his volunteer post as the greeter, he also works in the hospital gift shops and is a member of the Victoria Guild, a group whose mission is to fundraise and be of support to our hospital. Over the years, he has served as the Victoria Guild chairman and was on many committees. His volunteerism has been placed on hold during the pandemic, but will be starting again very soon as he is awaiting his assignments at St. Vincent.

Andre also volunteers for his church, Main Street Church of God in Anderson, where he attends regularly and, for the past 3 years, has served as a greeter to his congregation.

Andre served on the LifeStream Services Advisory Council from 2006-2010. The council meets quarterly to discuss issues affecting seniors in East Central Indiana and work to develop resources to meet those needs.

In 2010, he helped the Historical Society create a Black History Exhibit that was showcased at the History Museum and then at the Administration Building at Anderson High School.

In the past, he taught a driver safety class for AARP for 6 years.

Andre truly is a one-of-a-kind volunteer. He serves others with a gracious heart, gives back, and because of his kindness, he makes a difference in this world. St. Vincent Anderson is lucky to have him!

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