This year’s holiday season will look different for many people across the United States. What is typically a time spent preparing a feast for our families and making room for out-of-town guests, has instead been adapted to smaller family gatherings in our own homes due to the ongoing pandemic. While spending the holidays without our families is new for many of us, it is the reality for many senior citizens every year. The holidays are often the loneliest time of year for seniors who find their loved ones live out of town or have long since passed. The joyful feeling of a house full of family is a distant memory.

LifeStream Services’ AngelWish program seeks to fill the emptiness that is felt by seniors who are isolated and alone for the holidays with doorstep delivery of a special gift. In previous years, volunteers have packaged gift bags filled with practical necessities and special items. Due to the pandemic, LifeStream is using donations to purchase pre-packaged gift sets that will be wrapped to practice safe hygiene. Volunteers, with masks and gloves, will drop the gift sets off at the doorstep for the seniors. The gifts are more than just material goods, it is hope and acknowledgement that the community is there to support you even when you feel alone.

With every $25 donation, a senior will receive a gift for the holidays. Donations can be made the following ways:

Give hope this holiday season. Support AngelWish today.

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